XHP-300 Hot Air Pencil/Iron

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XHP-300 Hot Air Pencil/Iron


Microprocessor controlled for accuracy, ESD safe and ergonomic with improved air flow and quiet, efficient air pump.

Designed to outperform hot air pencils presently available from other supplies. XHP-300 has PID control of the heater and maintains steady temperature with high accuracy. It features a standby mode to speed-up time to readiness.

The unit, when used with optional XSI-10 hand piece, is a precise Soldering Station. Both Hot Air Pencil and Iron can be used interchangeably and microprocessor controller will adjust automatically for best control of either hand piece.

System includes

  • XHP-300 Base Unit
  • XHP-10S Hot Air Pencil
  • XHP-NS1 Nozzle set (containing 3 nozzles: XN-2, XN-3, XN-6)
  • XWR-1 Nozzle wrench
  • ASL-1  Anti-seize Lubricant
  • XST-77 Tool Holder for XHP-10 Hot Air Pencil

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 110-120, 220-240V AC 
Power consumption Max. 90VA
Hand piece Voltage 24V AC
Temperature Range 200°- 420°C (392° - 788°F)
Air Source High efficiency, long life diaphragm pump
Input pressure range Min 4 bar - Max 10 bar
Air Flow 0.5 to 4.5 l/min
Hand piece weight 50g (.11 lbs.) w/o cord
Air Nozzle kit XHP-NS1 3 Nozzles: XN-2, XN-3 and XN-6
Weight 3.6kg (8 lbs.)
System dimensions 225 x 166 x 88 mm    8.9" x 6.5" x 3.5"
Packaged weight

3,6kg (8 lbs.)

Optional Equipment:

  • XH Nozzles - Nozzles for XHP-10S Hot Air/Nitrogen Pencils
XN-1 XN-2 XN-3
XN-1 XN-2 XN-3
XN-4 XN-5 XN-6
XN-4 XN-5 XN-6
XN-7 XN-8 XN-9
XN-7 XN-8 XN-9
    Nozzles contain in XHP-NS1 Nozzle Set
  • XSI-10S - Soldering Iron for XHP-300 and XHP-N2

XSI-10 - Iron

  • XPX Series Tips - Tips for XSI-10S Soldering Iron

Available Tip Shapes for XSI-10

  • ST-77 - Tool Holder for XSI-10S Soldering Iron

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