MicroOven for Smart Phone repairs

X-100 MicroOven for cellular phone and tablets repair


       X-100 MicroOven  Full Convection Oven designed for preheating cellular phones and tablets when replacing broken glass. Uniform heat with maximum setting of 90 degrees. Will preheat the cell phone in a matter of single minutes. Easy to use. Can operate continuously to maintain constant temperature at all times.

Other applications: 

1. Preheating solder paste before use with stencils or dispensers after taking it from cold storage,

2. Curing epoxies, board coatings etc. 

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage

115V  AC 60 Hz or 230V AC 50 Hz

Power Consumption




Temperature range

0°C to 90°C

Heater Control

PID, Closed-Loop Thermocouple sensor feedback

Heated area

L=11,81” x W=7,87” x H=2,76”-3,94 (L=300mm x W=200mm x H=70-100mm)


1 heater 880W

Space inside

Accommodates 3  6” diagonal cell phones or one Tablet size up to 10”

Viewing Window Size

5.43”x3.03” (138×77 mm)


L=13,78”xW=10,63”xH=8,86” (L=350mm x W=270mm x H=225mm)

Weight unpacked

14,36 lbs. (6,5 kg)

Packaged weight

19,9 lbs. (9 kg)



X-100 MicroOven - Operating Manual

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