The New Additions to Bokar Portfolio

Bokar International is constantly developing new products based on the feedback from our Distributors.
We work with the users of our equipment and discuss their new wish lists.

As a result we develop new products or modify the existing ones every year.

The new additions include:   

                                X-KAR Brand        

  1. MiniOven

  2. MicroOven

  3. FOCUS “D”   

                        ZeroCharge Brand       


  1. Ionizing Cleaning Chambers

  2. Mini CleanRoom

  4. A-401 Set ESD Compliance Verification Checker for  ESD safe chairs and ESD safe carts
  5. ATC-1S ESD Safe Transport Cart

  6. ATR-1R Large ESD Safe Cart        
                           XTRACTOR Brand    
  1. Personal (One operator) ESD Safe Fume Extractors   
  2. One and two operators Low Cost Fume Extractors XF-200 Series

  3. Fume Extraction Accessories

2019 New additions modified and perfected:

  2. X-Reflow306/S               

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Bokar International is committed to continuing development of new products and improvements to existing products. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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