Products of our Partners which we offer our Distributors

      Note:  Some products are stocked on permanent basis in Bokar International US and European 

                  warehouses. These products can be delivered few days ARO.

                  Other products will need time (4 to 6 weeks) to be delivered to our warehouses.

Below is the list of our partners:

      1.  Taiyo Electric of Japan.  Soldering and SMT equipment

      2.   Fancort Industries of USA

      3.   Vessel of Japan.   ESD protection products

      4.  ULT of Germany.   Laser, Soldering Fumes and special purpose fume and dust extractors

          (only in the countries where ULT does not have an exclusive distributor).


      5.  Proportion-Air, Inc.  Electronic air pressure regulators & air flow control valves.

          (only in the countries where Proportion Air does not have an exclusive distributor).


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American Distribution

United States of America, Canada and Mexico:  BOMIR INC. (Master Distributor) E-mail: Tel: (570)842-4725,  Fax: (570)842-4290


Bokar International is committed to continuing development of new products and improvements to existing products. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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