Personal Desk Ionizers

The Personal Ionizer was designed to provide low cost                  
alternative to larger industrial units. It is supplied with
a graph presenting decay time from 1000V to 100V
in relative humidity of 50%, to show its real, good
performance. This small unit  is much quieter than
commercial units and almost as effective with the price
tag almost 5 times lower.

It found its place next to computers preventing dust
accumulation on displays and keyboards.

Helps to keep away dust on entire desk.
Can be also used as lowest cost alternative
in small service areas.



  • Preventing static (and dust build-up) on computer and laptop screens and keyboards when placed on the desk in proximity of a computer.
  • Reducing static on the electronics service benches without excessive noise.
  • Eliminating static generated on the office desks by friction between the paper sheets etc.
  • Greatly diminishing static electricity on human body generated by walking on non-ESD floors, carpets etc. This applies to the offices of all sorts.
  • Often used in quantity of few units for static reduction in larger rooms.
  • Outside of work: In home offices (Quiet and efficient), living rooms, bedrooms. Reduction of positive ions helps  to be less tired  and on higher alert.

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