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X-KAR™ Brand provides Rework/Repair and SMT Assembly Equipment for PCB's with Surface Mount Technology Components. Rework equipment handles all standard parts plus fine pitch QFP, BGA, CSP. We offer complete SMT Rework Packages which include: Hot Air Top Unit, Bottom Side true Convection Preheater, Universal Board Holder for large and also not a standard shape boards and Tool holder for Z-axis smooth operation and/or rotation of a hot air tool. Top end units have memory to store profiles for accurate, repeatable and process controlled rework and can be operated directly from a PC when purchased with a controlling software X-FineRework Commander. 

Zero Charge

ZeroCharge Brand provides all what you may need to protect your manufacturing or service/repair  AGAINST INVISIBLE ENEMY - ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE!  The protection is not a "Black Magic". Simple, easily applied, and effective methods, materials and instrumentation will save you big hidden expenses incurred to pay for production rejects and unexpected, post shipment guarantee repairs caused by Electrostatic Discharge. We have what you need. We offer quality and very competitively priced products and a professional and effective advice. 


Full spectrum of ionizers for every application.


Affordable Fume Extraction Systems. From Personal-One Operator to Multistation Solutions.

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Bokar International is committed to continuing development of new products and improvements to existing products. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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