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Some information about our company

Bokar International produces innovative type of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) 
Rework, Repair and Assembly equipment and tools.

We have more than 40 years of experience and participation in development of SMT
technology rework equipment (our engineers hold at least 30 patents in this field).
We were pioneers in development of the first affordable BGA rework systems and other
SMT assembly equipment (patents: US 5560531, US 6761304 B2, US 7,851,255 B2,
Japan P2002-118358A).

Bokar International engineering constantly improves X-KAR Brand machines and modifies
them if needed for the customers like Intel, Motorola, Varian Medical, US Navy and others.

Every year we have new models and better equipment for our worldwide distributors and clients.

We believe that we have the best performing Convection Batch Ovens in the world
www.BestBatchOven.com and many other equipment units which can be placed in top
10 in the world in their categories.

Supplying SMT Equipment worldwide, we were asked to address ESD Protection
Equipment for our clients as well. Most of the Companies producing or servicing
SMT boards and products need and use ESD protection equipment and tools.
Having strong engineering we decided to produce ESD Equipment and enter OEM
partnership with many suppliers to offer competitive and complete ZeroCharge Brand.

Now we can offer Complete and Competitive Solutions for ESD safe production and
service of electronics from one source.

To facilitate the availability and shorten delivery times and import administration headaches
we have opened an European Warehouse which can ship without customs to most of
European Countries and at lower shipping costs to countries outside EU but closer than
North America.

Europeans can also use Euro Currency which is easier for most of European Distributors.

The summary of products:

Innovative X-KAR Brand 
SMT Rework and Assembly Equipment 


ESD Protection Equipment and Materials Brand 
Carefully, selected items for cost effective protection
of electronics in manufacturing, service and
development of electronics

                No-Stat Brand addressing all aspects of ionization 

               XTRACTOR Brand
 Personal, two operators and multi-station units
               ESD Safe Accessories

All currently available products can be viewed on www.bokar.com

X-KAR Brand of SMT Rework and Assembly Products is the most recent addition to the
few worldwide suppliers of this type of equipment. Bokar's development team is
international (USA, Japan and Europe) to satisfy needs of users on all continents.
Equipment is assembled and stocked in the USA and Europe for expedient and
reasonably priced shipping to distributors in various countries.

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American Distribution

United States of America, Canada and Mexico:  BOMIR INC. (Master Distributor) E-mail: bomir@bomir.com Tel: (570)842-4725,  Fax: (570)842-4290


Bokar International is committed to continuing development of new products and improvements to existing products. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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