New redesigned, ESD safe and ergonomic with improved air flow and quiet, efficient air pump.

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XHP-200 Hot Air Pencil/Iron


When used with X-KAR Pre-heaters, this Basic Hot Air Tool allows for REWORK and REPAIR of most of SMT Technology Boards, while maintaining Process Control and operator convenience. This is the only system in the world, which operates as either convection or conduction unit, depending on the hand tool connected to the base.

XHP-200 Hot Air Pencil System has been designed to obtain better performance than hot air tools presently available on the market from other suppliers. This tool is a must in today's rework or repair of printed circuit boards containing Surface Mount Components.

XHP-200 is fully anti-static. The system is self contained (no need for an external air source), has integral tool holder and is supplied with three different air nozzles and anti-seize lubricant tube.

It is quieter than most of tools in it's class. Has accurate and repeatable closed loop temperature controller. The piece is lightweight, ergonomic and supplied with a comfortable, silicone grip.

The highest quality parts (air pump, ceramic heater, transformer, valves, control system etc.) offer trouble free operation for several years. To observe process control required for correct Rework and Repair one should use bottom pre-heater to increase rework safety and extend hot air pencil capabilities. Use of pre-heaters also protects the boards (and the vias inside them) against sudden thermal shock to prevent difficult to detect damages as well as components themselves.

X-KAR offers powerful Pre-heaters X-1000 and X-1000S, which will allow rework high mass boards.


System includes

  • XHP-200 Base Unit
  • XHP-10 Hot Air Pencil
  • XHP-NS1 Nozzle set (containing 3 nozzles: XN-2, XN-3, XN-6)
  • XWR-1 Nozzle wrench
  • ASL-1  Anti-seize Lubricant
  • XST-77 Tool Holder for XHP-10 Hot Air Pencil

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 110-120, 220-240V AC 
Power consumption Max. 90VA
Hand piece Voltage 24V AC
Temperature Range 200° - 420°C (392° - 788°F)
Air Source High efficiency, long life diaphragm pump
Air Flow 0.5 to 4.5 l/min
Hand piece weight 50g (.11 lbs.) w/o cord
Air Nozzle kit XHP-NS1 3 Nozzles: XN-2, XN-3 and XN-6
Weight 3.6kg (8 lbs.)
System dimensions 225 x 166 x 88 mm    8.9" x 6.5" x 3.5"
Packaged weight 4kg (9 lbs.)

Optional Equipment:

  • XSI-10 - Iron

XSI-10 - Iron

  • Available Tip Shapes for XSI-10

Available Tip Shapes for XSI-10

  • XH Nozzles for Hot Air Pencils XHP-10
XN-1 XN-2 XN-3
XN-1 XN-2 XN-3
XN-4 XN-5 XN-6
XN-4 XN-5 XN-6
XN-7 XN-8 XN-9
XN-7 XN-8 XN-9

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