X- O2 PPM Residual O2 Monitor


The Residual O2 Monitor connects to the X-KAR Reflow Ovens via two ¼” flexible silicon tubes. One extracts a gas sample from the oven and the second returns the gas to the oven. The monitor is equipped with an oxygen sensor which offers excellent linearity. The gas (air/N2 mixture from the oven) is pulled by a long life pump through the built-in heat exchanger to lower the sampled gas temperature below 50°C, which is required by the sensor design.  The sampled gas then enters the sensor after first passing through the flowmeter valve.  The sample gas flow should be set at 2 l/min.To protect the sensor and extend the sensor’s life, the monitor has 2 switches. The STANDBY switch turns the pump on which circulates the sample gas from the heating chamber in a closed loop. This makes the Monitor ready measuring the residual O2 at any time.


Only when the PUSH to TEST pushbutton is pressed is the sampled gas switched to circulate through the sensor and the residual O2 value is displayed on the LCD display. The display can be set to read either in % or in PPM’s. When the measurement is finished, it is recommended to press the PUSH to TEST button again to close the flow of gas through the sensor.The measurement can be repeated periodically during the reflow cycle. The monitor is essential to determine the purging time needed to reach the desired level of residual O2 during the heating cycle.

Since the oven is not perfectly sealed, there is secondary N2 entry to the heating chamber. The purging is done through the Cooling/Purging controller where N2 is be connected through the pressure regulator set at 1 to 2 bars. This is N2 addition connector is on the back panel of the oven.

In the heating program, the operator can select how he/she wants to add N2 during heating cycle: continuously, proportionally to the time of the zone, or set to a fixed amount of time in the zone where the N2 will be added to the heating chamber.

This N2 addition will depend on the operator settings and also on the preset N2 pressure delivered to the N2 Addition port on the oven's back panel.

X-O2 PPM Residual O2 Monitor  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                    

Power Source

100-230V Plugged in the wall switching supply with output of 12V, 1A

Power Requirements

12V DC; 0.8A

Air Source

Super low noise vacuum pump, 2 l/min, 100kPa

Air Flow

Variable, 0 – 3 l/min, air flow controlled by the valve

located on the flow meter on the front panel Recommended setting: 2 l/min

System dimension (without the air line)

L=10,6”xW=6,2”xH=7,3” (L=270mm x W=157mm x H=185mm)

Weight (unpacked)

7.7 lbs. (3.5 kg)

Packaged weight

and dimension

12 lbs. (5.5 kg)  

L=13”xW=11”xH=7,9” (L=330mm x W=280mm x H=200mm)4.


 Residual O2 Monitor front panel.

1. Standby Switch

2. Range Switch

3. Measurement Display

4. Push to Test Pushbutton

5. Led Indicator showing that the monitor is measuring residual O2

6. Airflow Meter 0-3 L/min


 X- O2 PPM Residual O2 Monitor manual

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