X-1003 Digital, High Power PCB Full Convection

Pre-Heater for Rework

of SMT Technology Boards, with very accurate six zone independant temperature control



System Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled by powerful firmware which, when up-grated, can be downloaded free of charge from x-kar or bokar websites.
  • High power, large area pre-heat chamber with six independent sections providing uniform heat or as programmed different from each other in six sections
  • ESD safe.
  • Close loop temperature PID control maintaining set temperatures with high accuracy and extending heaters life.
  • Can accommodate optional XK Series tool stands with adjustable Z-Axis control, X-Y movements and rotation. (Note: XKB Base required to mount XK Tool Holder)
  • XU-6 Board Holder (optional) is recommended for proper mounting and support of computer size or larger boards.

System includes:

  • X-1003 Unit
  • XK-TC 26/39 "K" Type Thermocouple
  • System Manual
  • Warranty Card

Available models:

  • X-1003 – Preheater 3.6 KW, Supply Voltage 208-240V.
  • X-1003-06 -- Preheater with integrated XU-6 Board Holder, 3.6 KW, Supply Voltage 208-240V.

Technical specyfication

MODEL X-1003 X-1003-06
Input Voltages
208-240V AC
Power Consumption
Max. 3650VA
20 Ib (9.08 kg.) 22.5Ib (10.2 kg.)
System dimensions

16" x 19" x 4 3/4"

(408 x 483 x 120 mm)

16" x 19" x 6.5"

(408 x 483 x 165 mm

Packaged weight
24 lbs. (10.9 kg.) 27 Ib (12.2 kg.)
Preheat Temperature 
measured on a PCB
140-302 °F (60 -150 °C)
Preheat area
More than 10 1/4" x 7” (261 x 180mm)
Average PCB preheat 
time to 150°C
Less than 2 min.






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