X-1001 Series Digital, High Power board Pre-heaters
for Rework of SMT Technology Boards, with very accurate temperature control.

This powerful preheater for SMT Rework and Repair offers full Process Control, increased rework speed, board protection and convenience.

X-1001 Units are extremely accurate, have user adjustable offset, and have a unique acceleration mode to speed up initial warm-up from room temperature.

A built-in "K" thermocouple type temperature meter provides on board means for verification of actual rework process temperatures at the point selected by the user.

The X-1000 Series Preheaters were designed to reduce the workspace required for SMT Rework and Repair. This design emphasizes the appropriate process control for Rework and Repair. Pre-heater Units are microprocessor controlled to maintain accuracy and to extend heating element life.



Use of pre-heaters provides protection for the boards (and the vias inside them) against sudden thermal shock to prevent difficult to detect damages to the board and components. Bottom convection preheating of the large area of the boards guarantees even and gradual thermal expansion. Also, a preheated board to 130 degrees C needs much less thermal energy to de-solder or re-solder a component on the board. To de-solder the component only 53 degrees C is needed (183 deg., the melting temperature of the solder, minus 130 deg. the preheated board temperature). To achieve this relatively low temperature differential, lower thermal capacity and lower air temperature tools can be used which is safer for the board and the components. This lower temperature differential required to obtain the solder melting point makes the rework process much faster than the conventional rework process.

The standard board holder XU-1 or XU-1S allows you to mount 12" (305mm) wide x not limited in length boards. Other optional board holders are available to accommodate boards up to 21.5" wide. The available models are: XU-2 and XU-3. The powerful preheater will also allow you to rework high mass boards, which have through hole components like connectors etc. (you must use proper preheating temperature which is lower than the maximum allowable value for the plastic from which your connectors are made).

System Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • High-power, large-area preheating chamber providing uniform heat.
  • ESD safe. Supplied with AS3-B ESD grounding cord and AML-301A wrist strap.
  • Close loop temperature PID control maintaining set temperatures with high accuracy and extending heaters life.
  • Can accommodate the optional XK Series tool stands with adjustable Z-Axis control, X-Y movements and rotation.
  • Accommodates optional Semi Automatic Vacuum Component Pick-up Option X-CPO1, which attaches to the System and, when used with a vacuum source, allows for automatic component lift upon reflow of the solder.
  • XFS-2 - ON-OFF optional Foot Switch (to supply bottom heat on demand).

System includes:

  • X-1001 or X-1001S Base Unit
  • XK-TC 26/39 "K" Type Thermocouple (only X-1001 Series)
  • AS3-B ESD grounding cord
  • AML-301A Cordless “+” adjustable wrist strap, blue, 4mm snap, coil cord 6ft
  • XPC-16 Power cord

Available models:

  • X-1001 - Digital, SMT High Power, Large Area Under board Pre-heater
  • X-1001 Deluxe - Digital, SMT High Power, Large Area Under board Pre-heater with ESD Fiberglass Top Plate
  • X-1001S - Digital, SMT High Power, Small Area, 500W Under board Pre-heater
  • X-1001S Deluxe - Digital, SMT High Power, Small Area, 500W Under board Pre-heater with ESD Fiberglass Top Plate

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