Focus A

FOCUS "A" SMT Convection Rework System with vacuum pick-up

Patented in USA, Japan and Europe.
USA Patent #: 6,761,304


System includes:

  • FOCUS "A" Basic Unit with integral XHT-12 Hot Air Tool
  • XTH-1 Hand piece holder for XHT Series
  • XQF Quick Connect for easy attachment of nozzles
  • XVCS-5 Vacuum Cup Set (5 vacuum cups, 3 sizes)

FOCUS "A" is a low-cost convection rework system with closed loop temperature control. This is a basic but most modern rework tool. Ergonomic, reliable and simple to use. Has built in Heat / Cool Switch for Convenience.


  • Removes and replace discrete, SOIC, PLCC and QFP components and other SMD components
  • Closed-loop, variable temperature control
  • Fully grounded and static-safe system
  • Optical isolation with zero voltage switching
  • Over 50 nozzles available


FOCUS "A"  hot air station features a powerful heater to precisely remove even high mass components from multi-layer boards. Temperature and Airflow are continuously variable. The unit has built-in air-pump to deliver full range of airflow. The system's temperature controller features zero voltage-switching circuitry for spike-free and safe application of power to the heater. Optional XFS–1 foot switch can be used to turn the system on and off.. Releasing the foot switch turns the system off. The hand piece of the FOCUS "A" is ergonomic, ESD safe and user friendly. It features a push button switch, which turns the system on and off at a touch of a finger. Convenient XQF Quick Connect allows change of the nozzles in few seconds time. End of the hand piece is not perpendicular to the axis of the tool minimizing cable and air line pull on the tool during hand-held operations. Selection of 50+ nozzles and quick turn-around on custom nozzle orders, which are made with minimum surcharge makes removal and replacement of any SMD components possible and easy. Modular and unique (patent applied for) nozzle design reduces time to make custom nozzles if required.



Input Voltages 110-120, 220-240V AC
Power Consumption 500 W
Fuse 10A for 110-120V or 5A for 220-240V Slow-Blow 5mm x 20mm
Heater Resistive, 450W line voltage
Heater Control PID, Closed-Loop Thermocouple sensor feedback
Air Source External. Min pressure 4 bar
Air Flow Variable, 10 - 50 l/min, air flow controlled by the valve located on the front panel
Vacuum source Diaphragm pump
Vacuum 200mmHg (8" Hg)
Temperature 150 ºC - 450 ºC (158 ºF - 842 ºF)(8" Hg)
Weight 2,5kg (5,5 lbs)
System dimensions 150mm x 220mm x 220mm
(5.9" x 8.7" x 8.7")
Packaged weight 3kg (26 lbs)

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