Floor Mats for ESD Protection

Superior Floor Mat with cloth backing

AFM-SQ AFM-SQ Superior Floor Mat with cloth backing. Suitable for heavy loads. 32.8’ (10m) x 4’(1.2m) x 2mm.
AFM-SQ & AFM-R Superior Floor Mat with cloth backing Floor Mat Set. Includes: AFM-R Size 4'x 5' (1,2 x 1,5 m) Green, A-SNAP - 10 mm snap and AGW-10FM Low Profile Grounding Wire

StatMat-F 4' x 32.8' Floor Mat
2-Layer Rubber, Heat and Chemical Resistant


  • Temperature resistant. Will not get damaged by hot solder or soldering irons.
  • Offer excellent resistance to oil, grease and most of common solvents.
  • Useful for semiconductor, computer & electronic parts factories, electronic assembly, and chemical laboratories.
  • Both have mat finish (glossy available through special orders).
  • Will not peel, chip, or curl.
  • Ground cords and snaps are included with the kits only.
  • Materials
    • Top layer: static dissipative NBR
    • Bottom layer: conductive NBR.
  • Color:
    • Top layer: G=Grey, LB=Light Blue, Gr=Green
    • Bottom layer: Black

    Technical Specification

Thickness 0.080" (2mm)
Width 4' (1.2m)
Length 32.8' (10m)
Hardness (KSM6518-19) Top layer - 65
Bottom layer - 66
Tensile Strength (LB/SQ inch) Top layer - 1548
Bottom layer - 1820
Elongation (%) Top layer - 395
Bottom layer - 285
Surface Resistivity (ASTM-D257) Top layer - 107-8 Ohm/Sq
Bottom layer - 104-5 Ohm/Sq
Resistance to ground Less than 107 Ohm/Sq
Chemical Resistance Solvent, Acidic, Alkali, Oil, Aromatics
Non Chemical Resistance D.O.P Ketone
5KV decay time < 0.01sec.

Table top set ATS-a' x b' 2-Layer Rubber,

Heat and Chemical Resistant

The set includes:

  • StatMat-T Size a' x b' - Table Mat 2-Layer Rubber,
  • A-MS10 - Male easy mount mat grounding snap with label,
  • AML-100H - Adjustable wrist strap, 4mm snap, blue, coil cord 6ft
  • AS3-B - Dual banana jack with female snap 10mm, cord 10ft


Size Part Number
Grey Light Blue Green
4' x 32.8'
(1,2 x 10 m)
StatMat-F-G StatMat-F-B StatMat-F-Gr
2' x 3'
(0,6 x 0,9 m)
AFS-4x5-G AFS-4x5-B AFS-4x5-Gr
2' x 4'
(0,6 x 1,2 m)
AFS-4x5-G AFS-4x6-B AFS-4x6-Gr
2.5' x 4'
(0,76 x 1,2 m)
AFS-4x8-G AFS-4x8-B AFS-4x8-Gr

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