Antistatic Anti-fatigue Mats


ANTISTATIC Anti-fatigue Mats are a must when standing in one place for extended periods of time.

A-AFM 2x3 YB

A-AFM 2x3 YB

A-AFM 2x3

A-AFM 2x3



They were designed to ease feet and legs fatigue and to provide proper ESD protection.

Made off strong embossed rubber provide safe, anti-slip area at your work place.


  • Choice of two models: Yellow/Black and All Black
  • Surface Resistance 10e8, Resistivity: RTT: 1- 8 MOhms
  • 10mm grounding post in two corners for your convenience
  • Supplied complete with grounding 10' low profile floor mat grounding wire
  • Well spend money for less fatigue and comfort
  • Size: 2' x 3' , 9/16 (15mm) thick

The Static Dissipative Mat’s surface provides the path for conducting static electricity from workers before it can be passed on to sensitive equipment which they operate, manufacture or service.

These static dissipative mats were designed to dramatically reduce standing worker fatigue. Between layers of static dissipative rubber the mats have a specially developed "High Comfort" sponge.

Note: For effectiveness in ESD protection, ground the mat and keep the surface clean. The mat has to be used with a grounding wire connected to a proper ground and with heel grounder(s) or ESD shoes. (see for ESD protection accessories).

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