Adhesive Entrance Sticky Mats


  • Color: Blue
  • 30 layer mat
  • Available size:
    • 18" x 36" (46 x 91 cm)
    • 26" x 45" (66 x 1.14 cm)


  • Numbered corner taps for easy identification
  • Does not leave adhesive residue on shoe's sole
  • Sanitized adhesive film suppresses microbial proliferation
  • Made of low density Polyethylene. Blue color in stock. White, clear and green colors available as special order.
  • 30 layer mat has numbered corner taps for easy control of used layer sheets.


Used in front of the entrance doors to stop dust and dirt in electronics industries and other industries where hygiene and clean floors are essential. Examples: suitable for use in clean, semi-conductor processing/assembling rooms, hospitals, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical laboratories, computer rooms, electronics & precision assembly and service locations.

Select part number from the following table:
ASMB-18x36 Stop Dirt Entrance Mat - one thirty layer mat (18" x 36")
ASMB-18x36-C Stop Dirt Entrance Mat - case contains eight thirty layer mats (18" x 36").
ASMB-26x45 Stop Dirt Entrance Mat - one thirty layer mat (26" x 45")
ASMB-26x45-C Stop Dirt Entrance Mat - case contains ten thirty layer mats (26" x 45")
  ASMB Stop Dirt Entrance Mat

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