Conductive Grid Bags

AC Conductive Grid Bags

These bags are designed to protect against static induced damage. They are conductive and anti-abrasive.

Model No. (W) x (L) cm (W) x (L)" exact Approximate size
AC-15X20 15x20 5.9x7.9 6" x 8"
AC-15X25 15x25 5.9x9.9 6 " x 10"
AC-15X30 15x30 5.9x11.8 6 " x 12"
AC-15X40 15x40 5.9x15.75 6 " x 16"
AC-25X30 25x30 9.9x11.8 10 " x 12"
AC-25X35 25x35 9.9x13.8 10 " x 14"
AC-25X40 25x40 9.9x15.75 10 " x 16"
AC-35X46 35x43 13.8x16.9 14 " x 17"


  • Exterior layer 10e9-10e11 Ohm
  • Interior layer 10e4-10e6 Ohm

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