• Two in one instrument to check both wrist straps and footwear.
  • Extremely easy to use. Just touch one Test Button to complete the test.
  • Built using SMT technology for reliability.
  • Microprocessor controlled for accuracy.
  • Dependable and simple.
  • Pass tone is easy to hear.
  • Visual indicators to show pass, low or high fail and low battery condition.

The wrist strap and independent footwear tester system was created to fill a growing demand for a dependable, low cost and easy-to-use test mechanism for personnel grounding devices. It is available as ADWF-9/AWFF-9U Tester, (U.S. standards) a 750-kohms to 10-Mohms range for wrist straps and 750kohms to 100Mohms range for footwear and ADWF-9E/AWFF-9E Tester (European standards) a 750-kohms to 35-Mohms range for both wrist straps and footwear


System includes

  • AR-9 One Touch Wrist and Footwear Tester with 9V battery
  • AR-9-WP - Wall mounted plate with test instructions
  • AFF-2 - Dual Foot plate
  • ACW-0-6 - Zero ohms connecting wire
  • Manua

Technical specifications

  AWFF-9U (U.S.A. Parameters) AWFF-9E (European Parameters)
For both wrist straps and foot wear
  Wrist Straps Foot wear
Pass Level 750 kohm-10 Mohm;
green light and audible tone
750 kohm-100 Mohm;
green light and audible tone
750 kohm-35 Mohm;
green light and audible tone
Low Fail < 750 kohm;
yellow light no tone
< 750 kohm;
yellow light no tone
< 750 kohm;
yellow light no tone
High Fail > 10 Mohm;
red light no tone
> 100 Mohm;
red light no tone
> 35 Mohm;
red light no tone

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